Association of 

Psychologists on Boards

Annabel Poate-Joyner

Annabel is a Consultant Clinical and Coaching Psychologist with over 30 years experience, and  Director of APJ Psychological Consulting providing Clinical, Medico-legal and Expert Witness services.

Annabel also runs Psychological Hands which is a specialist Psychological Health & Safety Service and  Occupational Health & Wellbeing Consultancy providing psychological assessment and intervention using an integrative therapeutic approach, supervision and support. She also provides bespoke Pre-selection and ongoing Monitoring, Supervision and Support  of the workforce across  all levels of services,  organisations and businesses. Time to Talk Pop-Up sessions is an additional  flexible service where Businesses and Organisations can bring in Psychologists to support employees in times of crisis  or offer them an individualised experience of talking therapies, one-off or regularly. 

Annabel is  a n Associate Fellow of the BPS with Board experience on BPS Advisory Committees.

Annabel has also specialised in working in policing as an external Consultant in Occupational Health and Psychological Health & Safety including advising on Fitness for Work, reasonable Workplace Adjustments under the Equality Act, and in-house Occupational Health & Wellbeing Services. 

Annabel provides confidential Executive and Wellbeing Coaching, assessment, therapy and support to senior leaders, public figures and managers at all levels of services, business and organisations.. She also offers urgent and confidential  psychological support to senior people struggling with work-related issues and/or  difficult personal or professional or media crisis, and to whistleblowers.

Annabel has held the role of Force Psychologist to Surrey Police and the MET, and works as an external Consultant Psychologist to police forces nationally including SOCA, CEOP (Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre), Royal Military Police and  INTERPOL in France which is a uniquely complex, culturally diverse, and political international policing organisations. Through such extraordinary experiences, Annabel  has developed unique expertise in conflict and crisis resolution, mediation, inter- and intra-organisational dynamics, service development and  organisational change.  

Annabel has specialist experience in Inspection, Audit, Risk Management  and Governance, and is CQC Specialist Professional Advisor, a Trustee of Care of Police Survivors charity which provides peer and professional  support to the families of police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. 

Annabel has a totally unique portfolio career as an External Consultant and Expert Advisor across Public & Private organisations, and has undertaken specialist training to equip her for working with Boards of services, organisations and businesses as a NED, Consultant,  Expert Advisor and Coach.